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#1 13 Jan 2010 23:33

jim irvine
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John Mutch son of Robert Mutch and Jean Minty

While doing a little project checking census details I came across more information about John which I am adding here for anyone who is interested.

I would be happy to receive any feedback about errors or additions.

Descendants of Robert Mutch and Jean Minty

John Mutch[J94 ] was born on 10th August 1821 and christened  on 12th August 1821 in the parish of Alvah, Banff.  The OPR record reads:

"John Natural Son of Robert Mutch and Jean Minty was born 10th August and baptised 12th August, 1821.  Witnesses John Minty, Mallyrust and John McKenzie, Caldhame."

[This website gave the following:
John married Christian Henderson on 29th June 1854 at Rathen, Aberdeenshire but she died on 13th January 1856.  He then re-married Christian Duncan at Longside in 1858 having children with both.  There is also a suggestion that he was married at some time to an Isobel Urquhart.

To Christian Henderson a son James born on 11th December 1855. 
He may have died in 1856.

To Christian Duncan; George in 1864 (married Margaret Mitchell),
and Catherine born 1865 (married John Duncan)   ]

To these we must now add: Eliza Ann 1859, Christian 1860 (?),
Charlotte 1867 and Margaret 1870.

In 1861 John was living at Milton of Rova (Longside 218/ ED 5 Page 12).  He was a ploughman aged 37, born at Alvah, Banff.  With him was wife Christian (presumably Christian Duncan?), aged 22, of New Machar, and two children; Eliza Ann aged 2 and Christian aged 9 (probably 9 months?), both born at Longside.

In 1871 the family was at North Mains, Meldrum (Old Meldrum 229/ ED 4 Page 2).  John was a labourer, aged 49, of Alvah and Christian was 31and from New Machar.  Five children were present; Eliza A aged 12, Christian aged 10 and George aged 8, all born at Longside, Catherine aged 6 and Charlotte aged 4 , both born at Fyvie, and Margaret aged 1, born at Meldrum.

In 1881 the family was at Werdside, Byth (King Edward 210A/2 ED 4 Page 3).  John was a general labourer aged 59 and Christian was 44.  Three children were at home; Margaret aged 11, born at Meldrum, Peter aged 8, born at King Edward, and Andrew aged 6, also from King Edward.

[A very similar family appeared in this census at Old Meldrum (Old Meldrum 229/ ED 4 Page 10).  John Mutch, a retired farmer of 63, born in Peterhead and his wife Christian aged 46 and born at New Deer, were living at Cottar House, Cardrum along with son Thomas aged 2, and brother Thomas (68) an agricultural labourer.]

In 1891 John, still a general labourer, was now 66 and Christian was 54; their birthplaces remained unchanged.  They were living at North Street, New Byth and no children were present (New Byth 210A/2 ED 5 Page 17).

John died on 8th August 1898 in the parish of Gamrie

In 1901 I believe Christian may have been living at 13 Rosebank Terrace, St Machar, aged 67 and living on her own means (Aberdeen 168/2 ED 62 Page 25).  This woman however was given as having been born at Lonmay and perhaps ‘living on her own means’ may have been beyond the means of a labourer’s widow.

The only other possibility I can see is a Christian, aged 68 and living at 65 Marischal Street, Peterhead (Peterhead 232/1 ED 13 Page 25).  Born in New Deer and living with her son Thomas, aged 22, a cabinet maker, she is undoubtedly. the ‘other’ Christian (from 1881)

Of course it could be that ‘our’ Christian had already died by this time.

And, if I may add another snippet:

There is a John Mutch, born at Alvah, Banff in the 1851 census living at Achries, Rathen (Rathen 235/ ED 1 Page 1).  He was 29 and was married to an Isabel aged 35, who had been born at Strichen.  There were 4 children present; Isabel, 11, born at Strichen, John 5 and JAmes 3, born at Tyrie and Robert 1, born at New Deer.

What chance that this was 'our' John with a previously unknown family?



#2 27 Jan 2010 00:33

From: Norway
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Re: John Mutch son of Robert Mutch and Jean Minty

Thanks for the posting Jim, but have you checked the website page for J94 recently?  It was updated last October and includes all the marriages and children of John that you refer to, including Isabel Urquhart.

With regard to the "similar" family, have a look at J69.  He had a brother Thomas the correct age and a son Thomas born 1879.  However IGI gives the son's mother as Elsie Wallace.  Great if you can find out more.


#3 26 Feb 2012 18:54

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Re: John Mutch son of Robert Mutch and Jean Minty

I have been checking the information regarding John Mutch (J94) who appears to be the father of my great great grandfather Robert Mutch.
I have copies of  Robert's marriage certificate to Jessie Barnett, and his death certificate, both of which state that his father was John Mutch, and his mother Isabel Urquhart. According to the website, John later had 2 other wives, and died in Gamrie, Banffshire, but when I obtained a copy of the death certificate from Scotland's People, there is only 1 wife's name given - that of Christina Duncan. Can someone tell me how they know for sure that this is the same man who was married to Isabel Urquart? I don't know how to find proof of this myself.

Thank you.


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