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Christian Watson Mutch born 1849 christened 9 September 1849 in the parish of Fyvie - died 21 July 1901 at 36 Mount Street in the parish of Aberdeen


Her father was Alexander Mutch [A24]


Had a relationship with Unknown.

. The father is not known. (Samuel was listed with his grandmother, Christian Matthew, at the 1891 census).

Children were:

  1. Samuel Watson Mutch born 1 December 1880 at Port Elphinstone in the parish of Kintore - died 6 June 1919 in the parish of Aberdeen. .

    Yolanda Bruce has provided further details about him:
    m. 1912 to Ann Wallace Munro. He served with the Gordon Highlanders in WW 1. Although he died on 6 June 1919, he is listed on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission site as a "Commonwealth War Dead". Presumably he died from injuries suffered during the war. The CWGC records that he is buried at Allenvale Cemetery in Aberdeen. The Scotlandspeople index of marriages has a very curious listing for Samuel’s marriage in 1912. It has his marriage indexed under the War and Service Returns (which unfortunately means No Image is available on-line). However under the same reference number (056/AF 0053), it lists his spouse under 4 completely different names; Flora McCorquodale, Isabella McLean, Ann Wallace Munro and Elizabeth Welsh). I have recorded her as Ann Wallace Munro as that is the name shown on the CWGC site.

    Elaine McGary has since provided the following update:
    I can confirm that Samuel Watson Mutch married Ann Wallace Munro on 4 March 1912 in Calcutta, India, while he was serving with the 2nd Btn.of The Gordon Highlanders at Cawnpore, India. The marriage took place in St. Andrew's Church in Calcutta. In the marriage record, Samuel gives his age as 31, his profession as a Soldier residing in Cawnpore. He gives his father's name as James Jackson, a farmer. Ann Munro gives her age as 29, residing in Calcutta, father Alexander Munro, a policeman. The witnesses at the marriage were James Ritchie and Alex Tosh Durno. Yolanda (Bruce) has given the correct reference for Samuel's marriage (056/AF 0053), however I can clear up the confusion of the other three spouse names on the record listing she found. The record contains the marriage returns for three other military marriages, the other spouse names (Flora McCorquodale, Isabella McLean, Elizabeth Welsh) are the spouses of these other marriages. Samuel's Army records show that he and Ann had a son, Colin Munro Mutch, born 16 December 1912 in Cawnpore, baptised 20 January 1913 in Cawnpore. Samuel enlisted in the Gordon Highlanders on 3 August 1900 and served continuously overseas for 12 years, in India and Egypt. In March 1914 he returned to the UK for a Rifle course, during which he became ill. Due to his ill health (diabetes), he was invalided out of the army in November 1914 as no longer physically fit for service, and was awarded a military pension..

Spouse George Catto.

They married 15 June 1883 in the parish of Aberdeen.

Rob Burr has provided the following details from Christian's death certificate:
"She died at 36 Mount Street, Aberdeen on 21 July 1901. The informant was her husband George Catto. It is not known when they married or whether they had children."

Yolanda Bruce has since provided details of their marriage, children and George's parents. See her note under [A24] for full details.

His father was James Catto and his mother was Jean McKenzie.

Children were:

  1. Jane McKenzie Catto born 1883 in the parish of Aberdeen - died 1891 in the parish of Aberdeen. .
  2. George Catto born 1885 in the parish of Aberdeen. .
  3. James Catto born 1887 in the parish of Aberdeen. .
  4. William Catto born 12 January 1889 in the parish of Aberdeen. .