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Thomas Mutch born 15 May 1849 in the parish of Cruden - died 2 March 1885 at Police Station in the parish of Tillicaultry, Clackmannan


His father was William Mutch [W22]


Spouse Mary Ann Sangster. They married 3 December 1870 in the parish of Logie Buchan.
Children were:
  1. Andrew Mutch born 2 November 1870 in the parish of Logie Buchan. He married Petrice Dow in 1899 and had five children, Thomas, Mary, Gordon, Petrice, and Jesse Ada. He was a Doctor of Divinity and pastor at Muthill in Perthshire before emigrating to Bryn Mawr in 1912 where he was also pastor of the Presbyterian Church.

    His son Thomas married Mildred MacIntosh and they had 3 children, Elizabeth, Thomas Andrew (Mutches in Space), and Patricia. See the W22 Family line for more details
  2. William Mutch born 1872 - died 1905.
  3. Thomas Mutch born 1874 - died 1898.
  4. Mary Mutch born 1876. She married George Michie
  5. James Mutch born 1882. He married Margaret Housie in 1905 and had two children
  6. Alexander Mutch born 1885. He married Isabelle Thom in 1910 and they had three children