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William Mutch born 29 September 1838 in the parish of Slains - died 10 June 1910 at Rowanbank, Maud in the parish of New Deer


His father was William Mutch [W22]


Spouse Agnes Morgan born 19 February 1842 at Invernettie in the parish of Peterhead christened 14 March 1842 in the parish of Peterhead. They married 27 December 1862 in the parish of Logie Buchan.

Her father was Allan Morgan and her mother was Margaret Fraser who were married 7 December 1837 in the parish of Peterhead.
Children were:
  1. Agnes Mutch born 1862. She married William Murray and had a family of eleven
  2. William Mutch born 1865. He married Margaret Gardner and had three children
  3. Thomas Mackie Mutch born 26 May 1867 at Brownhill of Annochie in the parish of Old Deer - died 1920. He married Eliza Fraser
  4. Mary Mutch born 1869. She married John Lee
  5. James Mutch born 1869. He married Isabelle (?) Strachan and they had ten children
  6. John Mutch born 1871. He married Catherine Sangster and had six children
  7. George Fraser Mutch born 1 April 1873 in the parish of Ellon - died 1913. He married Ann Low Smith 14 January 1898 in Ellon and they had five children. This included Allan Mutch who married Annie Montgomery, my Grandmother's sister.
  8. Margaret Mutch born 1876. She married Conrad Hester and had eight children
  9. Peter Mutch born 1876. He married Kathleen MacDonnell and had one child Donald (Patrick) b. 1915
  10. Edith Mutch born 1878. She married a Mr Cairns
  11. Allan Mutch born 1882 - died 1889. The 1929 Genealogy states his death as 1879, I have assumed this to be an error and assumed 1889 was meant.
  12. Helen Mutch born 1886. She married Joseph Kerr and they had four children