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Alexander Mutch born 31 October 1851 in the parish of Fyvie - died 28 December 1938 in the parish of Inverurie

~ His father was Alexander Mutch [A24]

~ Spouse Ann Milne Birse born 4 September 1856 in the parish of Inverurie - died 11 June 1933 in the parish of Inverurie

They married 23 March 1878 in the parish of Inverurie. Yolanda Bruce has provided the following details:
Marriage: Inverurie parish
1878 - March 23rd - Alexander Mutch, Ag. Lab. (bachelor), aged 26, residing in Port Elphinstone, Kintore (Parents - Alexander Mutch, Ag. Lab. and Christina Mutch m.s. Matthew) and Ann Birse, operative at Papermill (spinster), aged 21, residing at 9 Saphock Pl. (Parents - James Birse, Ag. Lab. and Mary Ann Birse m.s. Martin) were married at 9 Saphock Pl. Witnesses - Alexander Birse and William Mutch. (Witnesses - Alexander Birse: Ann’s brother & William Mutch: Alexander’s brother)

Her father was James Birse and her mother was Mary Ann Martin

~ Children were:

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